The Scariest Road in Georgia

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While there are many stunning and attractive roads in Georgia, some of them are unquestionably terrifying. Old Ghost Road, near the community of Brooklet, just outside of Statesboro, is one of the most eerie and haunted. Old Ghost Road has gained the moniker “most frightening road in Georgia” because to its paranormal activity, strange sightings, and unsettling sounds.

The Tale of the Ditch Digger

The ditch digger legend is one of the most well-known tales associated with Old Ghost Road. According to this story, those who are traveling down the road at night may notice a dim orange light off in the distance. They come to a man who is excavating a ditch along the road, maybe with the intention of burying or uncovering a human skull. The man then turns to face the oncoming car, steps forward violently, but disappears before he reaches it. The figure is said by some to be the spirit of an executed killer, but others maintain that he was the victim of a vicious murder committed in pursuit of his severed head.

The Cemetery of Ghost Dogs

The little cemetery close by adds to Old Ghost Road’s unsettling elements. According to legend, this cemetery is haunted by obedient dogs that love their owners unconditionally even after they pass away. It is said by visitors that they hear howling, barking, and scratching sounds, as though the ghostly dogs are trying to dig their owners’ graves. Some even claim to have seen spectral canines following them to their automobiles or prowling the graveyard.

Other Paranormal Occurrences

Old Ghost Road is home to additional enigmatic things and happenings in addition to the ditch digger and ghost canines. Drivers have reported seeing apparitions of humans and animals on the road, as well as light globes and shadowy figures. While driving, some people have experienced flat tires, electrical issues, and car trouble. Others report feeling touches, pushes, and chilly areas from unseen powers.


Many people avoid going down Old Ghost Road, especially after dark. It has a reputation for being one of Georgia’s most haunted locations due to its eerie and mysterious past. No matter how much you believe in the paranormal, Old Ghost Road will make you shudder. Is it possible for you to survive the spine-tingling length of Georgia’s most terrible road?

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