Police Arrest PA. Restaurant Owner Mohammed Hamdan for Shooting Teen Stealing Tip Jar!

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According to police, a restaurant owner shot a teen who tried to steal a tip jar and has since been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Officials from the Allegheny County Police Department said on Facebook that Mohammed Hamdan, 39, was caught after shooting several times at a 15-year-old boy who came into his restaurant in Stowe Township, Penn., on Saturday.

Tapes of the youth walking into the business and giving Hamdan his order can be seen. Police say he then returned to the exit and picked up a tip jar before walking away. Public safety officials say Hamdan then pulled out his gun and fired “at least three rounds” at the teen.

On Saturday around 10 p.m., the police were told about the killing. Police say that after the first calls, the teen’s mother called and said that her son had been shot “several times,” as reported by WTAE. Government sources told the news outlet that the teen had two gunshot wounds in his right wrist and one in his right shoulder blade that broke a bone.

Police Arrest PA. Restaurant Owner Mohammed Hamdan for Shooting Teen Stealing Tip Jar!

Because of his injuries, he was taken to UPMC Children’s Hospital. According to the report, his health is stable. There was no proof that the man was armed or threatened Hamdan at any time, according to the police statement. This was based on surveillance footage and interviews with witnesses.

In order to charge Hamdan with aggravated attack, detectives talked to the District Attorney’s office. Today, Hamdan was arrested and is being held in the Allegheny County Jail until his preliminary hearing.

Hamdan told police that the teen and his brother had come into his business earlier, which made Hamdan “expect them to try to steal from him,” according to the police report, which was released by WTAE. This is now being looked into. Reports from CBS News say that Hamdan was freed after being arrested on non-monetary bail. A preliminary meeting is set for December 5, which is when he still has to wait.

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