New York Launches Automated Ticketing on I-87 and I-84 to Ensure Safe Highways!

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If you need to get somewhere quickly, remember that going too fast through some work zones could cost you, even if you don’t get pulled over. According to information on, the state Department of Transportation and the state Thruway Authority will automatically give out speeding tickets in 13 work zones in Warren, Orange, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, and Jefferson counties.

Some of the zones are on Interstate 87 in Warren County (northbound lanes between exits 22 and 23/bridge over Route 9) and Interstate 84 in Orange County (westbound lanes between exits 39 and 32, which are between Newburgh and New York Stewart International Airport). On Monday, the rules started to be followed in those areas.

For the first time, you will be fined $50. The fine for a second offense in 18 months is $75. It costs $100 for three or more violations in 18 months. According to web fees lists, these are just the base penalties. There may be extra late fees as well. If the fines are not paid, the driver’s license could be taken away.

New York Launches Automated Ticketing on I-87 and I-84 to Ensure Safe Highways!

However, a person who gets a violation notice does not lose any points on their driving record because traffic cameras only record the vehicle and not the driver. The DOT says that even if a driver is going the speed limit, they should still be careful because radar used for regulation will pick out cars going the same speed or faster than the limit.

This will cause the system to take pictures and record the speed of the passing car. The violations, which are called a “notice of liability,” will be mailed to the car owner within 14 days of the accident for New York drivers who are registered. Notices will be sent to out-of-state cars within 45 days of the accident.

The DOT says that work zones where drivers will automatically be fined should be clearly marked with signs. The law that the five-year policing program is based on was passed in 2021. Its goal is to lower speeds, get drivers to behave better, protect workers and tourists in work zones, work with State Police enforcement, and raise awareness of work zone safety.

Since it began in April, the program has been used at construction and repair sites on controlled-access highways and parkways across the state. The technology used in enforcement is made to follow state and local laws. According to the DOT, it also includes all the hardware, software, and services needed to put together the proof package that will be sent to the courts.

The enforcement system’s radar will take several pictures of a car as it approaches and goes by a speed camera. These pictures will include two pictures of the back of the car to show the distance, time, and journey. The time, date, posted speed, vehicle speed, location, lane, and direction of movement are some of the things that it will record.

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New York Launches Automated Ticketing on I-87 and I-84 to Ensure Safe Highways!

The information on the license plate will be used to find the legal owner of the car. The DOT says that before a notice of liability is sent out, a state-certified technician will look over the violation and sign off that the information is true.

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