Kamala Harris and Joe Biden must “earn our reelection” with Black Voters in 2024!

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Vice President Kamala Harris seemed to admit that it was hard to get her and Vice President Joe Biden’s message across to black people. She said that they would have to “earn our reelect” in 2024. In an interview with CNN that came out Sunday, Harris said that the “really long” list of things the Biden administration has done for black Americans makes it hard to get the point across.

“In some ways,” she told the news source, “probably there’s a hindrance, in that the list is so long, and we have to pick and choose what we say over and over again to make sure it sticks and is heard.” Harris doesn’t do interviews very often, but she has long been optimistic about Biden’s chances of winning, saying that the stakes are too high with Trump’s chances of getting the GOP nod.

She did say, though, that the Biden-Harris team isn’t comfortable with their chances of winning again. She told CNN on the phone while on Air Force Two that she would have to work hard to get re-elected. This was after she had gone to South Carolina earlier this month to officially file for the Democratic primary.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden must "earn our reelection" with Black Voters in 2024!

A lot of Democrats are upset about the campaign’s messaging plan in general, and they’re especially upset that voters are giving Joe Biden bad marks on the economy even though unemployment is low. Republicans have been picking on Biden for a long time about inflation and his energy plans.

A lot of Democrats, like Michael LaRosa, who used to be the press secretary for the First Lady, have asked Biden to change his message and stop talking about “Bidenomics.” Harris talked about how the government is working to fight climate change, stop gun violence, protect the right to have an abortion, and other issues that young voters care about.

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Kamala Harris and Joe Biden must "earn our reelection" with Black Voters in 2024!

According to her, the president has been resolute, firm, and consistent in seeing the problems that young people in America face and coming up with real answers for them. Besides that, she said she’s not looking at “this cycle with what previous vice presidents have done in a reelect.”

“I feel obligated to do everything I can, to be where the people are, to talk to them, listen to them, and let them know what we’ve done.” Recently, it looked like a lot of younger Democrats were fighting with older Democrats over how Biden handled the Israel-Hamas war. Some new polls show that the president is losing with people between the ages of 18 and 34. In 2020, Biden won this group by 26 points.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden must "earn our reelection" with Black Voters in 2024!

A recent NBC poll found that Trump had 46% more young votes than Biden (42% to 46%). The most recent polls put together by RealClearPolitics show that Trump is ahead of Biden by 1.6 percentage points. The first official primary for Democrats will be in South Carolina on February 3, 2024. However, New Hampshire plans to hold an earlier, unofficial election.

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