Former Missing Texas Teen Faces Murder Charges of Man She Met Online!

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A Texas girl, 17, who was the subject of an Amber Alert in September has been charged with capital murder in the death of a guy she met online on August 27. An indictment from a Dallas County grand jury this week says Natalie Navarro “did unlawfully then and there intentionally cause the death of” Arturo Pena, 21, by shooting him.

The indictment also says that she shot Pena while “in the course of committing and attempting to” rob him of his things. The Garland Police Department says that investigators think Natalie Navarro and Pena met online. The 17-year-old suspect planned to rob Pena with Yordy Martinez, a male partner who is 21 years old.

Navarro told the cops According to Richard Maldonado, a spokesman for the Garland Police Department, “she had spoken to Yordy once before online but had never met him in person the night of the murder.” But the government has “reason to believe” she might not be telling the truth.

According to FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth, the 17-year-old suspect met Pena in person two weeks before the alleged killing in what police think was an attempt to set up the victim. On August 29, Garland Police Department officers were sent to 342 West Oates Road because someone had reported seeing a person pass out in a car.

They found that the man, who they later found out was Pena, had been shot dead when they got there. There is a GoFundMe page called “Arturo Peña’s ‘Home to Heaven’ Memorial Service” that says he was “viciously taken from his family and loved ones” in August.

According to a press statement from Garland Police on August 27, Pena was reported missing. Garland police named Navarro and Martinez as possible suspects in Pena’s murder on September 1.
At the time, Texas police put out an Amber Alert for Navarro.

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Former Missing Texas Teen Faces Murder Charges of Man She Met Online!

According to FOX 4, they later found her near the Mexican border and arrested her. The search for Martinez is still going on. Anyone with information about what happened should call the Garland Police Department at 972-485-4840.

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