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California is a state steeped in history and culture, but one particularly intriguing feature is its religious architecture. The state exhibits a varied assortment of churches reflecting its dynamic population, from the Spanish missions dotting the terrain to the modern cathedrals adorning the cities. This article explores the significance and history of the oldest church in California.

The Timeless Legacy of The Royal Presidio Chapel

Located in Monterey, the Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo, sometimes referred to as the Royal Presidio Chapel, is the oldest church in California. Built by Native Americans between 1791 and 1794 under the direction of Franciscan missionaries, this cathedral is the oldest stone structure in California as well as the oldest parish still in continuous operation.

A military fort built by the Spanish in 1770, the first Monterey Presidio included the cathedral as a fundamental component. In addition to housing the offices of the Franciscan padre presidente and the Spanish governor, the presidio served as the capital of the Province of Californias, which included what is now California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and portions of Colorado and Wyoming.

Founded by Saint Junipero Serra, the cathedral was once a modest adobe chapel dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo, the patron saint of Serra’s home island of Mallorca. The chapel continued to serve as the presidio’s parish church when Serra moved the mission to Carmel. After being destroyed by fire in 1789, it was rebuilt with stones that were hauled in by oxen and quarried from surrounding hills. The church has a bell tower, a flat roof, and a rectangular nave that are all influenced by Spanish colonial architecture. Inside, there is a pulpit, a wooden altar, and paintings of angels and saints.

The Cathedral s Historical Footprint

The Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo has seen many important historical moments and personalities during its existence. Bishop Francisco Garcia Diego y Moreno conducted the first confirmation in California there in 1844. It functioned as the pro-cathedral of the Monterey Diocese, which was founded in 1849 and remained in that capacity until 1859, when the diocese moved to Santa Barbara. The cathedral welcomed distinguished visitors, including Commodore John Drake Sloat, who raised the American flag over Monterey in 1846, and President Herbert Hoover, who married his wife Lou Henry in the cathedral s sanctuary in 1899.

Designated as a National Historic Landmark, a California Historical Landmark, and a part of the Monterey State Historic Park, the cathedral stands as a symbol of California s Spanish and Mexican heritage, as well as the Catholic faith. It continues to host regular masses, weddings, baptisms, and cultural and educational events. Additionally, the cathedral features a museum where visitors can delve deeper into its history, art, and architecture.


The Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo stands as a testament to California s history and culture, encapsulating over two centuries of faith, perseverance, and creativity. It remains a sacred space for worship, celebration, and learning, inviting all to explore the beauty and diversity of California s religious heritage. For those in Monterey, a visit to this remarkable church offers a chance to experience its charm and significance firsthand.


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