7 ‘Secret Spots’ Burglars Check First When Invading California Homes

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In 2022, 15.9% of property crimes in California were burglaries, making it a major and frequent crime. Even though you might believe you have located the ideal hiding place for your valuables, it might be more visible than you realize. Robbers frequently know where to go for simple prey and fast money. These are the top seven locations that burglars typically search before breaking into a home in California.

1. Entryway Drawers and Cabinets

As the first area criminals see when they break into your house, the foyer may also be home to some of your most expensive possessions. A lot of homeowners keep jewelry, wallets, purses, keys, and other critical papers in cabinets or drawers close to the front door. This facilitates burglars’ ability to seize them and flee.

2. Freezers

It may seem like a good idea to conceal valuables like cash or jewelry in the freezer, but in reality, this is one of the most often searched areas by thieves. Burglars are aware that significant sums of cash, drugs, and other illegal items are frequently kept in freezers. They might also search for concealed valuables in your pantry, refrigerator, or other kitchen appliances.

3. Vases

Another popular place to conceal valuables is in vases, particularly little objects like coins, rings, and earrings. Burglars are drawn to vases because they are typically aesthetically pleasing and convenient to obtain. They might also search for other containers like jars, bottles, cans, or boxes that might contain something important.

4. Suitcases

In addition to being used for travel, suitcases can also be used to store items that you wish to keep hidden or that you don’t use frequently. Since most suitcases are roomy, robust, and secure, they’re perfect for concealing pricey goods like jewels, gadgets, or weapons. But since thieves are aware of this as well, they might search your attic, closet, or beneath your bed for baggage.

5. Office Drawers

If you work from home, there’s a chance that some expensive equipment, such laptops, tablets, hard drives, or cameras, are stashed in your desk drawers. Important papers that you might possess, like passports, bank statements, or tax returns, could also be utilized fraudulently or for identity theft. Your office drawers could be a target for burglars, particularly if they are locked or have a keyhole since they might reveal valuables within.

6. Mattresses

Another well-known place to conceal valuables, particularly cash, is a mattress. In the mistaken belief that it is safe and discrete, many people hide their money under their pillows, mattresses, or bed linens. But because they know so many people check here, this is also one of the first places burglars look. They might also search your bedroom for additional hiding places, like closets, dressers, and nightstands.

7. Toilet Tanks

Though they’re not usually thought of as hiding places, toilet tanks can be utilized to conceal items that are watertight or wrapped in plastic bags. In the hopes that thieves won’t bother to search there, some people conceal their cash, jewels, or drugs in toilet tanks. But robbers are also familiar with this tactic, and they might search your toilet tanks for any concealed jewels.


You should take security measures to guard against burglary because it poses a major risk to your house and your belongings. Though some of the most popular hiding places are also the most visible to burglars, you should still exercise caution when choosing where to conceal your valuables. Rather than utilizing these locations, you ought to think about making an investment in a more secure and unpredictable hidden compartment, security system, or safe. You can safeguard your belongings and your piece of mind by doing this.


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